Civil litigation involves a legal dispute between two or more parties. In most civil litigation cases, one party is trying to seek monetary compensation or performance of services from the other party rather than criminal sanctions.

The majority of civil litigation cases get resolved outside the court through arbitration and mediation. A trial lawyer who works on civil litigation cases is called a litigator. A good, experienced lawyer significantly improves the chances of the client to win claims or negotiate deals that are beneficial to the client.

We have an excellent record of winning cases for our clients involving civil litigation. If you have a claim against a person or business, get in touch with our service to get guidance on what you can do. We can also represent you in court if someone has brought claims against you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & Mediation

ADR allows two parties to settle their dispute outside the court. Many parties prefer to settle the matter this way because it reduces their costs and allows both sides to cooperate rather than compete.

There are a number of ways to settle matters through ADR. These include mediation, where a mediator works with both parties to come to a mutually agreeable solution or arbitration where an impartial third party acts as a judge. Both sides can agree to make the arbitrator’s decision binding or non-binding.

First Law Solicitors has helped many clients resolve their disputes through ADR. If you are facing civil litigation and considering this route, get in touch with our practice for expert advice.

Banking Litigation

Banks often have to deal with a large number of legal issues related to compliance, regulation and consumer practices. If such legal proceedings are not resolved in time they can lead to loss of customer trust and reputation for the bank. Bank litigation can also lead to hefty government fines for not complying with UK law.

This is why you want an experienced legal practice on your side when faced with bank litigation of any kind. Please get in touch with our bank litigation experts who can guide you much better on bank litigation charges.

Building Disputes

Building disputes can take many shapes but the most usual causes for disputes are delays or defects in construction projects.  Whether you are a construction company or a contractor facing building disputes, you should always get the best legal defence team at your side.

First Law Solicitors has very experienced litigation lawyers on our team with expertise in building disputes. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

  • Construction disputes occur when there are delays in project construction or the quality of construction is not considered up to the standard agreed upon.
  • Contract disputes arise when either party lacks to understand terms of the contract or have their own interpretation and make claims against one another.

Emergency Injunctions

An injunction prohibits a person or business from taking certain actions. For example a restraining order is a type of injunction that prohibits one person from contact or approaching another person. An injunction can also prohibit one or more businesses from making use of a disputed asset.

Insurance Disputes

Another form of disputes that often arise in business transactions are insurance disputes. Insurance terms can be vague sometimes with both the insurer and insured deriving different interpretations from the same contract.

If you have an insurance coverage claim that your insurer refuses to fulfil, you can try to settle the matter in court. You also have the option of alternative resolution. Please get in touch with our insurance experts  who can guide you on the strength of your case and chances of getting compensation.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Both landlords and tenants have certain rights and duties towards one another, as outlined in law. If one party fails to fulfil its duties, the aggrieved party can bring the matter to court to get fair compensation.

If you feel that you are being wrongly taken advantage of by your landlord or tenant, get in touch with our service. We can provide you expert advice on your rights and help you find a strategy to resolve the issues to your advantage.

Negligence Claims

If you suffer a financial or personal loss, including a loss of reputation, due to negligence of another party, you can sue them to get compensation for your loss.

There are certain elements that must be proven by the plaintiff before they can be compensated. For instance, the plaintiff must establish that the defendant was responsible for the loss or they had a duty to safeguard the plaintiff’s property etc.

If you’ve recently suffered a loss of any kind due to negligence or lack of due diligence from another party, then contact us to find out how you can get fair compensation.

Don’t Suffer in Silence. Get Help

Many individuals and businessesthat have suffereddamages by another party are eligible to get fair compensation up to the extent of their loss. We have seen many parties fail to claim fair compensation for two reasons.

First, they are not aware of their rights. Second, they simply don’t know how to get help. Our law firm is here to help.

If you, or someone you know, has a dispute with a business or individual then get the best legal team on your side. [Our legal practice] has a team of brilliant lawyers on our side who will make sure that you get fairly compensated for losses or disputes.