The world has become a small place. Skilled migrants and talented professionals often move from one country to another to fill skilled work in their industries. Multinational companies often move employees from one geographic location to another to utilize their talents better.

Governments are always looking to attract the best talent and businesses into their country. Many countries in the west have opened up their borders and welcome skilled workers with open arms.

The UK is no exception to this. In light of the Brexit and the UK’s expected break from the EU, the government has also relaxed its immigration policy to bring the best talent from around the world into the country. If there was ever a time to move your business or employees to the UK it is now.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully apply for immigration to the UK.  We can help your company apply for the staff members to move here and make the process seamlessly easy. We offer our immigration consulting and advisory services to businesses and individuals in the following categories.

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Migrant

People from outside the UK, EEA and Switzerland can apply for the Tier 1 Entrepreneurial Visa. You should typically apply three months before your intended date of travel as processing can take some time.

The Visa generally lasts for three years and there’s the option of extending it to another two years if you are in the same Visa category. The Visa allows you to start a new business in the UK.

There are certain conditions that must be met. For example, you need a level of investment funds, typically from £50,000 to £200,000 to be eligible. You also need to fulfil language requirements and be able to support yourself or any family members that you bring to the UK.

Requirements include the following.

  • Show funds of £200,000, or the GBP equivalent available for investment in the UK, (or has been invested in a UK business; however you have to meet the relevant requirements of Immigration Rules)
  • The applicant must show that funds were acquired lawfully and belong to the Applicant or a third party who must confirm the advancement of funds for business purpose.
  • The funds must be kept at a regulated institution.
  • If the funds are held abroad, they should be freely transferable to the UK for investment.
  • Through the production of a business plan, the genuine and viable nature of the business investment.
  • English language proficiency to at least CEFR Level B1.

First Law Solicitors can help you assess the eligibility for this visa category and assist in filing the application. Get in touch with our service reps to find out more or start your Visa application process.

Tier 2& 5 Sponsorship License for employers

Many businesses looking to hire skilled workers find it difficult to find talented individuals in the local market. To overcome this difficulty of businesses, the UK government runs the sponsorship license program.

A sponsorship license is a specialized license that allows employers to recruit and bring talented foreign workers into the country. Employers without the license cannot sponsor foreign workers to come and work for them in the UK.

There are strict conditions that must be fulfilled before businesses are issued the license. Employers are responsible for making sure that any migrant workers that are sponsored through this program fulfil the eligibility criteria. In order to be issued a certificate of sponsorship, the employer must meet the following requirements.

  • The employer must prove that they are a genuine organization that has been operating lawfully in the UK.
  • The position must be a genuine vacancy with remuneration equal to what a UK national would receive if he or she were employed in the same position.
  • The position must be at least NVQ level 4 or higher.
  • The employer must also show that they have attempted to fill the role within the UK if it is not listed in the shortage occupation list.

In order to obtain the license the employer must submit an application to the Home Office along with all supporting documents. There are different types of sponsorship licenses available such as Tier 2 or Tier 5 and the one to go for depends on the duration and type of employees needed.

After submission of an application, the business may receive a compliance visit from the UK Visas and Immigration office to assess the business needs.

Our legal practice has helped many organizations successfully apply for a sponsorship license and get approved. We can do the same for your company as well. To get more guidance on the application process please get in touch with our office today.

Tier 1 (Graduate) Entrepreneur Migrant

This category of UK visa is for students (from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland) with a UK graduate degree who show exceptional entrepreneurial skills. The applicant must present ideas or skills to set up a business in the UK as a sole trader, partnership or a registered company and get endorsed before applying.

In order to be eligible, the applicant must be endorsed by a UK higher education institute (HEI) and possess a UK-recognised bachelor’s degree or higher.

A person is also eligible to apply if they have been endorsed by the Department for International Trade (DIT) and possess a degree qualification that is equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree or higher. Further eligibility criteria include the following.

  • The applicant must intend to establish a business in the UK.
  • The applicant must fulfilEnglish language requirements.
  • The applicant must have additional funds to be able to support themselves& family during their stay. This condition may be relaxed if the applicant has been endorsed by the DIT.
  • The applicant must be at least 16 years old.
  • The applicant must prove the credibility of the business and proposal by successfully passing the Genuine Entrepreneur Test.

Get in touch with our legal experts to find out if you are eligible or how to start the process of applying through this category.

Tier 1 (Investor) Migrant

The investor migrant visa is a useful category for people looking to migrate to the UK and take advantage of its stable economy. UK is a prime location for investment with a high market return.

Visa under this category is granted to individuals who commit at least £2,000,000 in the local economy for up to 5 years. Applicants get the option of investing in UK government bonds, share capital or registered UK companies.

Investors who commit more than £5m or £10m can settle with indefinite leave to remain after 3 or 2 years respectively.

The exact eligibility requirements are as follows.

  • £2 million investment– eligibility for indefinite leave to remain after 5 years in the UK.
  • £ 5 million investment – eligibility for indefinite leave to remain after 3 years in the UK.
  • £ 10 million investment– eligibility for indefinite leave to remain after 2 years in the UK.

The experts at can help you settle in the country through this Visa and provide guidance on documentation and application process.

Tier 2 (General) Migrant

Tier 2 is the most popular visa category for staying and settling in the UK. It allows skilled workers, with a job offer from a UK based employer, to work and settle in the country.

In order to qualify, the migrant must have been offered aRQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) level 6 as stated in the codes of practice or, in a creative sector occupation, skilled to RQF level 4 as listed in the Tier 2 Sponsoring Guidance, or the appears on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) with a minimum salary that is revised on periodic basis. Applicants are also required to meet language and maintenance requirements.

The following conditions must be fulfilled in terms of a UK job and salary scale.

  • The applicant must have a UK job and from a registered sponsoring employer in the UK.
  • It must be a job that is included either in the level 4, level 6 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) or a job in the list of shortage occupations in the UK or Scotland.
  • The minimum salary that the applicant must have been offered must be £30,000/year or an appropriate salary and allowances for the job.
  • The candidate must clear the general grounds for refusal.

Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation to determine your eligibility for this visa category. We have worked with many clients to help them settle in the country successfully though this route. Our experts may also be able to find you a different, more suitable category in case you do not qualify under General Migrant route.

Tier 2 (Intra-Country Transfer) Migrant

The intra company transfer migrant category is for employees of multinational companies that are transferred to the UK from overseas on long-term basis or frequent short visits.

The duration of visa can vary depending on the nature of work and stay in UK. There is an assessment criterion with 50 points in total and applicants must get a full score to qualify.

This type of visa can be divided into two classes.

  • Graduate Trainee – New employees of a multinational company, who aregoing through a structured graduate training program for the purpose of growing their experience.
  • Long Term Staff – Experienced workers of a multinational company, who are being transferred for a period of more than one year into a job in the UK that could not be taken by local workers.

The eligibility requirements include the following.

  • The candidate must have a sponsoring employer established in the UK.
  • The candidate must be assigned to work at a job that cannot be filled by a local worker.
  • The candidate must meet the minimum job salary (£41,500 for the Long-term Staff, £30,000 for the Short-term Staff and £23,000 for the Graduate Trainee).

This is a specialized visa category. Although there is no cap on it, the total number of people who usually apply is limited. Our immigration experts can guide you and help make an application under this category.

Tier 5 Temporary Worker

This category is useful for people looking to come to the UK to work on short-term basis. An applicant must have a valid offer of employment from a UK employer. The conditions and eligibility criteria are not as strict as Tier 2 migrant category. However, the duration of visa is usually less than one year.You can stay in the UK for up to 12 or 24 months (depending on the scheme you’re applying for) or the time given on your certificate of sponsorship

People already in the UK can extend their stay by making a new temporary worker visa application or switching to a different category.

Currently, the program has following subcategories.

  1. Creative and sporting
  2. Charity workers
  3. Religious workers
  4. Government authorized exchange
  5. International agreement.
  6. Youth Mobility Scheme

If you are looking to come to the UK under this category or if you are already in the UK and wish to extend your stay, get in touch with our advisors to find out more about the process or submit your application.