Laws relating to family and children affect a large number of people. Divorce and separation rates are at an all time high in the UK. Data suggests that one in three people are likely to be affected by legal divorce and separation proceedings.

We should note that family and children laws have significantly changed over the last three decades due to shifts in cultural paradigms. In many ways, laws have become more equitable and fair with greater protection for children.

If you are looking to get a divorce or simply want to understand your legal rights and entitlements in case of a divorce then get in touch with our expert lawyers. They can give you great advice and guide you about financial entitlements and your rights.

[Our legal practice] provides legal counselling services for a variety of issues that affect people. Our services include the following;

  • Divorce/Separation
  • Domestic Violence & Injunctions
  • Child, Custody & Contact
  • Arrangements Orders
  • Cohabitation Disputes
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Financial Disputes Resolution
  • Prenuptial Agreements

A brief overview of our services in each legal matter is provided here.

Separation and Divorce

Divorces and separation are always difficult from an emotional and financial point of view. Many people feel vulnerable from the breakup of a relationship that they’ve spent time, money and effort into building. People can be distraught with grief which makes it difficult to fight a legal battle in court.

When going through a separation or divorce, the last thing you need is to be denied justice from the legal system. This is why you need an expert team of lawyers on your side. A good defence counsel can fight for your rights and ensure that the divorce does not affect your life too adversely.

Domestic Violence & Injunction

Living with an abusive and violent partner is a painful experience. Many couples, especially women, learn to live with an abusive partner because they are afraid of the consequence of leaving.

Domestic violence is considered a serious crime in law. Apart from a separation order and fines, a person convicted for domestic violence can also be sent to prison.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or violence, you can get help and protection from the legal system. Get in touch with our legal experts who can guide you on a course of action or file for an injunction against the abusive partner.

Child Custody and Contact

In case of separation, child custody is of paramount importance for both parents. In most cases we have seen, the divorce process becomes particularly hostile on the question of child custody and contact rights.

[Our legal practice] has worked with a large number of clients to ensure that they get the legal custody of the child and visitation rights. We understand how important it can be for a parent to see their children grow in front of them, and we passionately fight for the rights of our clients in court.

Arrangement Orders

Child arrangement orders are issued by the court to ensure the child’s living arrangements are made in their best interests. These include the child’s expenses, guardianship or living and schooling conditions. The order is issued by the court when the parents cannot come to an arrangement about the child’s living conditions.

Child arrangement is not necessarily disputed between parents only. If both parents of a child have deceased; the child’s maternal and paternal families could also raise a dispute about custody in court.

[Our legal practice] can argue a strong case for you to get the court’s order in your favour.

Cohabitation Disputes

Couples, who are not legally married but living together, have certain rights and responsibilities towards one another. For instance, if one partner buys a house, where they both live, and passes away, the partner could have entitlement to the property.

If you are living with someone in a shared property and there is a dispute you can get help through the court system. Get in touch with our legal advisors and we will do our best to help you out.

Parental Responsibility

Both parents are responsible for the upbringing and welfare of their child. If you find yourself left alone with complete responsibility of caring for your child you can get fair compensation through the legal system. You can hold the other parent accountable for doing their fair share in raising the child.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement ensures that you are protected from losses if your marriage or civil partnership goes sour. Our experienced attorneys can provide you full guidance on your options and how to keep your financial assets protected in case of a separation or divorce.

The best time to get a prenuptial agreement is before you tie the knot. Although it is possible that you can get an agreement after you are married, most attempts to do this end up in divorce.

Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR)

A financial dispute resolution (FDR) helps a separating couple reach an agreement towards financial settlement. FDR takes place through formal but private court hearings in matrimonial financial disputes. The judge acts as a mediator and helps the couple reach an agreement for the distribution of their assets.

The spouse with the higher income, which is usually the husband in most cases, is required to support the lower income spouse. Financial disputes can also be brought forward to settle a joint account, a shared property or assets in the name of both the partners.

You should hire a good legal team to get financial security after separation or protect yourself from paying out excessive amounts. Get in touch with our legal advisory service to get guidance on how you can proceed with FDR cases.